Towel Radiators

At Love Radiators our range of designer Towel Radiators goes way beyond the simple ladder. From the luxury of period floor standing designs to the sharp angles of ladder rails and the stunning curves of contemporary towel heaters, all our towel radiators have the swagger of exceptional design which is matched only by their formidable heat outputs.

Whether bathrooms are big or small, classic or contemporary, we have a tremendous range of sizes to suite the most compact cloakrooms or the most spacious of throne rooms. Dimensions need not limit the options available.

For further details or advice on any of our designer radiators, contact The Love Radiators Team. We'd LOVE to help.

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MHS Alara Straight Towel Radiator

The MHS Alara Straight Towel Radiator is unsurprisingly one of our most popular models. Perfectly po..

Starting From £204.48

MHS Climber Towel Radiator

The MHS Climber Towel Radiator is one step ahead of its competitors, combining tall, elegance&n..

Starting From £327.36

MHS Comb Towel Radiator

The MHS Comb Towel Radiator is a new twist on an old classic ladder style. The beguiling design of t..

Starting From £764.16

MHS Empire Multi Towel Radiator

The MHS Empire Multi Towel Radiator effortlessly marries a traditional towel rail with a classic whi..

Starting From £486.72

MHS Fingers Towel Radiator

The MHS Fingers Towel Radiator proves that elegance and sophistication can be matched by functi..

Starting From £764.16

MHS Java Towel Radiator

The MHS Java Towel Radiator combines square vertical headers with rounded horizontal tubes in an ele..

Starting From £221.76

MHS Square Towel Radiator

The polished stainless steel tubes of the MHS Square Towel Radiator are positioned in a striking a..

Starting From £577.92

Zehnder Ax Spa Double Towel Radiator

The versatile Zehnder Ax Spa Double Towel Radiator provides flexible heating solutions for ..

Starting From £737.59

Zehnder Ax Spa Single Towel Radiator

The Zehnder Ax Spa Single Towel Radiator provides flexible heating solutions for a variety..

Starting From £152.42

Zehnder Balmoral Towel Radiator

The Zehnder Balmoral Towel Radiator combines the rails of a towel heater with the columns of ..

Starting From £1,014.41

Zehnder Bay Radiator

The Zehnder Bay Radiator's sleek, minimal design is a fusion of geometric tubes ..

Starting From £479.17

Zehnder Bay Vertical Radiator

The Zehnder Bay Vertical Radiator's sleek, minimal design is a fusion of geometric tu..

Starting From £479.17

Zehnder Buckingham Towel Radiator

The Zehnder Buckingham Towel Radiator is an opulent choice for sumptuous settings. Its brass rails..

Starting From £614.95

Zehnder Charleston Bar Towel Radiator

The multi-column frame of the Zehnder Charleston Bar Towel Radiator combines old school looks with m..

Starting From £219.00

Zehnder Cove Towel Radiator

The Zehnder Cove Towel Radiator oozes distinctive elegance, combining brushed stainless steel w..

Starting From £594.80