Towel Radiators

Towel Radiators

At Love Radiators our range of designer Towel Radiators goes way beyond the simple ladder. From the luxury of period floor standing designs to the sharp angles of popular ladder rails and the stunning curves of contemporary towel heaters, all our towel radiators have the swagger of exceptional design which is matched only by their formidable heat outputs.

Whether bathrooms are big or small, classic or contemporary, we have a tremendous range of sizes to suite the most compact cloakrooms or the most spacious of throne rooms. Dimensions need not limit the options available.

For further details or advice on any of our designer towel rails, contact The Love Radiators Team. We'd LOVE to help.

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Bisque Straight Fronted Towel Radiator

The clean, simple lines of the Bisque Straight Fronted Towel Radiator creates luxury in any bat..

Starting From £265.43

Bisque Svelte Towel Radiator

The beautifully, slender Bisque Svelte Towel Radiator adds grace and poise to elegant interiors. Thi..

Starting From £529.10

Bisque Tetro Towel Radiator

The elegant, decorative embossed pattern on the aluminium Bisque Tetro Towel Radiator columns nods t..

Starting From £501.95

JIS Adur Towel Radiator

The bowed profile of the JIS Adur Towel Radiator adds a touch of glamour and allure to int..

Starting From £299.88

JIS Alfriston Towel Radiator

The sinuous rails of the JIS Alfriston Towel Radiator melt into each other seamlessly creating a bea..

Starting From £326.66

JIS Ansty Towel Radiator

The JIS Ansty Towel Radiator is a high output towel rail which boasts impressive efficiency levels. ..

Starting From £542.86

JIS Ardingly Towel Radiator

The JIS Ardingly Towel Radiator's simple geometric design is a practical heating solution to compl..

Starting From £336.91

JIS Arun Vertical Radiator

The JIS Arun Vertical Radiator's most distinguished feature are the bold rectangular tubes..

Starting From £651.41

JIS Ashdown Towel Radiator

The slender frame of the JIS Ashdown Towel Radiator creates a simple and subtle silhouette to comple..

Starting From £252.67

JIS Beacon Towel Radiator

The JIS Beacon Towel Radiator is a statuesque model. Its lofty rails fill wall space perfectly ..

Starting From £458.59

JIS Brunswick Towel Radiator

The JIS Brunswick Towel Radiator is a wonderfully versatile option which is available in an array of..

Starting From £326.66

JIS Buxted Towel Radiator

The compact form of the JIS Buxted Towel Radiator make it the perfect small radiator for ensuites an..

Starting From £159.07

JIS Camber Towel Radiator

The JIS Camber Towel Radiator is beautifully designed to create a sweeping arc which is the perfect ..

Starting From £208.03

JIS Cinder Towel Radiator

The JIS Cinder Towel Radiator's simple congruent lines are perfectly neat and compact. It is an obvi..

Starting From £136.61

JIS Coombe Towel Radiator

The JIS Coombe Towel Radiator is a high output rail which boasts impressive efficiency levels. ..

Starting From £346.30