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Stainless Steel Towel Radiators

Stainless Steel Towel Radiators

At Love Radiators we recognise the importance of giving consumers options, and lots of them! For that reason, we supply a range of Stainless Steel Towel Radiators which provide another alternative to towel rails in chrome and colour finishes. 

Why stainless steel? There are no chemical processes in the manufacture of stainless steel making it a more environmentally ethical selection. In addition, the lack of plating means that stainless steel towel rails will not rust, flake or corrode and small marks can be polished out, making it a durable choice particularly in the humidity of bathrooms and wetrooms. In addition, stainless steel is an efficient heat conductor which gives high performance outputs and ensures that a supply of toasty towels is never far away.

So for a low maintenance model which is simply dazzling, these shimmering heated towel rails make tick all the right boxes.

For further details or advice on any of our designer stainless steel towel rails, contact The Love Radiators Team. We'd LOVE to help.

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Zehnder Stellar Spa Cloakroom Radiator

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Zehnder Stellar Spa Towel Radiator

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Zehnder Subway Towel Radiator

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