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Coloured Towel Radiators

Coloured Towel Radiators

At Love Radiators we like to follow interior trends particularly those we can get on board with. The recent move away from magnolia to bring colour to interiors has seen feature walls, floor coverings, accessories and now even heating solutions add a much welcomed 'pop of colour' to our homes.

Our Coloured Towel Radiators take the stainless steel and chrome heated towel rails we are most familiar with and raise the bar. There is a whole spectrum of RAL colour options out there from neutral shades to bold tones which can be chosen to blend or contrast with bathroom colour schemes.

The science also stacks up, towel radiators in colour finishes are more energy efficient. In general, the less reflective the surface, the more heat it radiates, making outputs on colour radiators up to 25% higher compared to towel rails finished in chrome or stainless steel

Please note the colours depicted on manufacturers colour charts are provided for guidance. It is important to be aware that monitors and browsers may slighty alter the hue and shade displayed on screen.

For further details or advice on any of our colour towel radiators, read our blog about our favourite colour radiators or contact The Love Radiators Team. We'd LOVE to help.

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