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Chrome Radiators

Chrome Radiators

At Love Radiators we believe that radiators are no longer simply functional appliances, they have become an integral part of interior design. Flaunting a near mirror finish which is both chic and sophisticated, our Chrome Radiators have the ability to create luxury design features.

Decorative chrome plating is the process by which a thin layer of chrome is adhered to a surface. This smooth, shiny layer not only looks sensational but also provides a barrier against corrosion and surface damage. The manufacturing processes involved in chrome plating are less expensive than those used to create stainless steel alloys which means that in comparison to their equally splendid stainless steel counterparts, radiators in a chrome finish are often more competitively priced.

For further details or advice on any of our chrome designer radiators, contact The Love Radiators Team. We'd LOVE to help.

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Apollo Capri Radiator

The unconventional, flat tubed columns of the Apollo Capri Radiator create an imposing profile which..

Starting From £315.00

Apollo Rimini Radiator

The slim, sleek tube-on-tube rails of the Apollo Rimini Radiator are a current take on the more trad..

Starting From £270.00

Eucotherm Mars Chrome Vertical Radiator

The Eucotherm Mars Chrome Vertical Radiator is truly a showstopper. The bold design of this upright ..

Starting From £324.90

Zehnder Kleo Radiator

The glorious simplicity of the Zehnder Kleo Radiator is equalled by its robust energy effi..

Starting From £280.58

Zehnder Kleo Vertical Radiator

The glorious simplicity of the Zehnder Kleo Vertical Radiator is equalled by its robust ..

Starting From £218.65