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Shop by Material

Shop by Material

At Love Radiators our radiators are an eclectic bunch, in part due to their styles but also the variety of materials they are constructed from. Knowing a little about these materials can help you choose the radiator which best meets your needs.

With the exception of infrared heaters, radiators rely on their conductivity to heat the air around them. A material like cast iron takes longer to heat up but also retains heat well, holding warmth for longer after the heating has been switched off. If cast iron is the tortoise, aluminium is most certainly the hare of the radiator world. This superconductor is quick off the mark and provides the highest outputs.

The durability of materials is an important consideration particularly in humid bathroom settings. Stainless steel is a great example of this. Alongside its reflective properties, stainless steel’s ability to resist rust and corrosion make it a worthy low maintenance investment.

Materials also dictate the design of radiators. Steel can easily be formed into a wide range of shapes, taking designer radiators from the humble panel radiator to the most creative sculptural forms.

For further details on any of our designer radiators, contact The Love Radiators Team. We'd LOVE to help.

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