Providing reliability and precision with every radiator, Redroom products are manufactured in industry leading facilities using the highest quality materials and processes.

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Redroom Agave Towel Radiator

The Redroom Agave Towel Radiator has an unorthodox asymmetrical frame which makes it one of our feat..

Starting From £201.74

Redroom Azor Towel Radiator

The Redroom Azor Towel Radiator sports beautifully flattened tubes which create a larger surface are..

Starting From £149.12

Redroom Baxx Towel Radiator

The Redroom Baxx Towel Radiator is a modern ladder rail which features angular square tubes. Its bol..

Starting From £152.27

Redroom Dual Energy Packs

Redroom Dual Energy Packs ensure that towels can be warmed when the central heating is turned off by..

Starting From £128.64

Redroom Elan Curved Towel Radiator

The Redroom Elan Curved Towel Radiator's slightly bowed rails offers extra space for hanging towels...

Starting From £71.98

Redroom Elan Electric Towel Radiator

The Redroom Elan Electric Radiator is a contemporary ladder rail with simple styling which looks gre..

Starting From £203.56

Redroom Elan Straight Towel Radiator

The Redroom Elan Straight Towel Radiator is a contemporary ladder rail with simple styling which loo..

Starting From £64.78

Redroom Omnia Towel Radiator

The Redroom Omnia Towel Radiator is a stunning spot to warm fluffy towels. Its funky asymmetrical de..

Starting From £212.49

Redroom SQ Towel Radiator

The Redroom SQ Towel Radiator is anything but square. Its tightly packed linear construction creates..

Starting From £198.80

Redroom TT Towel Radiator

The Redroom TT Towel Radiator features exceptional design with tube on tube rails creating a strikin..

Starting From £103.84

Redroom Tula Towel Radiator

The Redroom Tula Towel Radiator is a showstopper of a heated towel rail. Its looping tubes curve bea..

Starting From £298.18