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Low Level Radiators

Low Level Radiators

At Love Radiators we recognise that size isn't everything and know that some of the smallest models in our collection are those which provide the greatest heating solutions.

Our Low Level Radiators are a range of diminutive radiators which may be smaller in stature but not in style or output which they ooze in droves. These radiators sit close to the floor and are well suited in rooms or hall ways with limited wall space or those with glazed walls like conservatories. So, if space is at a premium but style and design are not, a compact low level heater could well be your chosen heat source to keep your home warm and welcoming.

For further details on any of our low level designer radiators, contact The Love Radiators Team. We'd LOVE to help.

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Apollo Bassano Low Level Radiator

The freestanding Apollo Bassano Low Level Radiator is a contemporary rectangular tubed radiator wi..

Starting From £405.00

Apollo Magenta Flat Radiator New

Apollo Magenta Flat Radiator

The Apollo Magenta Flat Radiator is a unique radiator with hidden qualities. One of its kind, this c..

Starting From £243.00

Apollo Malpensa Curved Radiator New

Apollo Malpensa Curved Radiator

The ultra-lightweight Apollo Malpensa Curved Radiator is a modern aluminium radiator with an elegant..

Starting From £216.00

Apollo Malpensa Flat Radiator

The ultra-lightweight Apollo Malpensa Flat Radiator is modern and minimal in style. Its slender anth..

Starting From £270.00

Apollo Malpensa Wave Radiator

The Apollo Malpensa Wave Radiator's undulating anthracite columns are a unique take on modern heatin..

Starting From £283.50

Apollo Milano Radiator

The Apollo Milano Radiator is fronted with a white steel panel which enables it blend into its surro..

Starting From £108.00

MHS Multisec Bench

In conservatories, hall ways and kitchens, the MHS Multisec Bench combines seating and warmth. ..

Starting From £870.97