Horizontal Designer Radiators

At Love Radiators we have a multitude of options in our extensive Horizontal Designer Radiators range. Over the years, the horizontal radiator's broad appeal has been in no small part due to the scope of their dimensions and their impressive heat outputs. More recently there has been a move towards ensuring that the style of these radiators equals their substance.

Our range of Horizontal Designer Radiators includes models which pay homage to classic tradition and those which ooze contemporary sophistication. All our models come in a comprehensive range of sizes and finishes, making them both a practical and aesthetic choice to complement any living space.

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JIS Arun (Horizontal) Radiator

The JIS Arun (Horizontal) Radiator's most distinguished feature are its bold rectangu..

Starting From £626.36

JIS Hove (Horizontal) Radiator

The lustrous rails which run the length of the JIS Hove (Horizontal) Radiator provide significa..

Starting From £536.36

JIS Mayfield (Horizontal) Radiator

The glorious tubes of the JIS Mayfield (Horizontal) Radiator are a stunning centrepiece fo..

Starting From £404.10

MHS Arturo Horizontal Radiator

The stunning simplicity of this geometric design makes a bold statement in any modern interior. The ..

Starting From £424.80

MHS Multisec Bench

In conservatories, locker rooms and bathrooms, the MHS Multisec Bench combines seating and warm..

Starting From £666.16

Zehnder Ax (Horizontal) Radiator

The simplicity of the Zehnder Ax (Horizontal) Radiator is a popular choice for a wide..

Starting From £409.97

Zehnder Charleston (Horizontal) Radiator

The versatile Zehnder Charleston (Horizontal) Radiator is a multi-column design which is a..

Starting From £136.66

Zehnder Charleston Relax Radiator

The Zehnder Charleston Relax Radiator is a practical and clever heating solution for moder..

Starting From £551.88

Zehnder Kleo (Horizontal) Radiator

The sophistication of the Zehnder Kleo (Horizontal) Radiator provides a stunning heat..

Starting From £220.75

Zehnder Metropolitan (Horizontal) Radiator

The Zehnder Metropolitan (Horizontal) Radiator boasts a contemporary, minimal profile which is accen..

Starting From £322.37

Zehnder Roda (Horizontal) Radiator

The simplicity of the Zehnder Roda (Horizontal) Radiator is a popular choice for a wi..

Starting From £261.92

Zehnder Stratos Radiator

The compact dimensions of the Zehnder Stratos Radiator does not quash its excell..

Starting From £247.91