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Feature Radiators

Feature Radiators

At Love Radiators 'we are what it says on the tin' so to speak, we LOVE radiators. Having said that, not all radiators are created equal and there are some which stand out from the crowd even amongst our glorious collection.

Our Feature Radiators range is reserved for those unique radiators which quite literally steal the show due to their sculptural, quirky or innovative design not to mention their sheer beauty.

For further details or advice on any of our show stopping designer radiators, contact The Love Radiators Team. We'd LOVE to help.

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Bisque Archibald Towel Radiator

The Bisque Archibald Towel Radiator is an award-winning Italian hottie. It's original and innovati..

Starting From £518.98

Bisque Arteplano Radiator

Daringly glamorous or discreetly subtle, the Bisque Arteplano Radiator is perhaps one of the mo..

Starting From £442.27

Bisque Balmoral Towel Radiator

The Bisque Balmoral Towel Radiator combines the rails of a towel heater with the columns of a..

Starting From £1,039.58

Bisque Finn Radiator

This sophisticated and simple Bisque Finn Radiator adds a crisp, contemporary feel to interiors. The..

Starting From £331.30

Bisque Flow Form Radiator

The inspired engineering of the Bisque Flow Form Radiator celebrates the beauty of the i..

Starting From £261.12

Bisque Hot Spring Radiator

The award-winning design of the Bisque Hot Spring Radiator redefines the traditional notio..

Starting From £356.59

Bisque Lissett Radiator

The Bisque Lissett Radiator is a sublimely elegant model which sits perfectly in modern, contem..

Starting From £415.34

Bisque Quill Towel Radiator

Gleaming stainless steel tubes soar elegantly on the beautifully streamlined Bisque Quill Towel Radi..

Starting From £703.39

Bisque Svelte Towel Radiator

The beautifully, slender Bisque Svelte Towel Radiator adds grace and poise to elegant interiors. Thi..

Starting From £512.45

Zehnder Bay Radiator

The Zehnder Bay Radiator's sleek, minimal design is a fusion of geometric tubes ..

Starting From £483.07

Zehnder Fare Tech Electric Radiator

The Zehnder Fare Tech Electric Radiator is the perfect fusion of beauty, brains and brawn! Manufactu..

Starting From £310.08

Zehnder Metropolitan Spa Towel Radiator

The Zehnder Metropolitan Spa Towel Radiator brings an elegant spa style to modern bathrooms, ensuite..

Starting From £302.74

Zehnder Metropolitan Vertical Radiator

The Zehnder Metropolitan Vertical Radiator boasts a contemporary, minimal profile which is accentuat..

Starting From £302.74

Zehnder Ribbon Towel Radiator

The Zehnder Ribbon Towel Radiator is the height of super sleek design. Angled rails create a quirky ..

Starting From £219.50

Zehnder Vitalo Bar Towel Radiator

The innovative, award winning design of the Zehnder Vitalo Bar Towel Radiator makes use of quality c..

Starting From £465.12