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Eucotherm Mars Plus Electro Radiator

The Eucotherm Mars Plus Electro Radiator is a flat panel electric radiator which provides heating on demand. As with all mains powered radiators, the Plus Electro has the advantage of operating independently of the central heating system, making it simple to install in settings where an electric power supply is necessary.

Reasons to LOVE these electric trade radiators:

  • Mains powered radiators provide heat on demand.
  • A choice of 2 finishes, white and stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel radiators are rust resistant in humid bathroom settings.
  • Our affordable electric radiators are at trade prices.
  • These Eucotherm electric radiators carry a 10 year guarantee.
  • The electric element is guaranteed for 2 years.

The following is a simple guide to identify appropriate valves.


Pipework from the wall:

  • For radiators with side connections, Angled or Corner Valves are required.
  • For radiators with connections underneath, Angled or Corner Valves are required.

Pipework from the floor:

  • For radiators with side connections, Angled Valves are required.
  • For radiators with connections underneath, Straight Valves are required.

Finally there is the option of Manual Valves which are controlled, as their name suggests, manually or Thermostatic Valves which have an in-built sensor that regulates heat outputs.

What are BTUs?


British Thermal Units' or BTUs are the units in which radiator outputs are measured. By calculating the required BTUs needed to heat a room, you are able to ensure that you select radiators which provide sufficient heat to keep you comfortably in the cosy middle ground between shivery and sweltering.


Every radiator on our website has a BTU rating which is listed on our product pages alongside other product details. It is worth noting that, it is possible to combine radiator outputs to achieve a room’s BTU level. For that reason, many rooms have more than one radiator.



How do I calculate the BTUs needed for my room?


Factors such as the type of room, its dimensions and glazing are used to calculate required BTUs however it is always advisable to enlist the advice of a certified plumber if you are in any doubt.



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Eucotherm Mars Plus Electro Radiator

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