Electric Cast Iron Radiators

Electric Cast Iron Radiators

At Love Radiators we supply a range of striking Electric Cast Iron Radiators.  In years gone by this type of radiator would have been seen gracing the walls of stately homes and Victorian schools. Today, these nostalgic models have become ever more desirable with trends towards classic designs. It may be assumed that school style radiators would be best suited to period interiors but in fact they are used very successfully in both modern and traditional settings.

The enduring desirability of multi column radiators manufactured in cast iron lies not only in their charm and character but also in the properties of the material itself. Whilst cast iron radiators take slightly longer to heat up in comparison to their steel counterparts, they are able to reach higher temperatures and retain heat for longer. This gradual cool down allows these smoldering radiators to keep rooms warm long after the heating has been turned off.

Our electric cast iron radiators contain factory fitted electric elements allowing individual rooms to be heated as and when required, to the temperature desired. This is much more energy efficient and cost effective than central heating systems which heat the whole house to one set temperature.

We supply electric versions of popular cast iron column radiators in a range of fully modular, pre-assembled sizes in a variety of finishes, including primer or colour finish from an extensive colour palette.

For further details or advice on any of our electric designer radiators, contact The Love Radiators Team. We'd LOVE to help.

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