Designer Radiators

Designer Radiators

Since the first Neanderthal bright spark discovered how to make fire, heating our caves has been an essential component of life and often a daily struggle. The journey from flint to the modern heating found in homes today has evolved beyond all recognition.

In the late 1800s the first cast iron radiators made an appearance. Their popularity led to their mass production. In an attempt to distinguish themselves from their competitors, manufacturers introduced details, patterns and finishes to ensure their models stood out from the crowd. This shift saw style become as fundamental as functionality and thus the dawn of designer radiators was born.

Advancements in both design and technology have led to the modern designer radiators we see today. Designer brands have developed radiators which are constructed from the highest quality materials, are exceptionally energy efficient and ooze stellar style. 

At Love Radiators we have a huge collection of stunning Designer Radiators which features a fantastic range of designs and finishes for those seeking to make a classic or contemporary statement with their interiors. From stunning feature radiators for living rooms to quirky heated towel rails to keep bathroom towels warmed and everything in between.

For further details or advice on any of our designer radiators, contact The Love Radiators Team. We'd LOVE to help.

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MHS Alara Straight Towel Radiator

The MHS Alara Straight Towel Radiator is unsurprisingly one of our most popular models. Perfectly po..

Starting From £204.48

MHS Arc Double Radiator

The desirable MHS Arc Double Radiator combines subtle brushed stainless steel with rounded edges to ..

Starting From £420.48

MHS Arc Single Radiator

The oval tubes of the elegant MHS Arc Single Radiator are finished in brushed stainless steel. The s..

Starting From £270.72

MHS Arturo Radiator

The simplicity of the MHS Arturo Radiator's geometric design makes a bold statement in any mode..

Starting From £453.12

MHS Arturo Vertical Radiator

The stunning simplicity of the MHS Arturo Vertical Radiator's geometric design makes a bold sta..

Starting From £627.84

MHS Climber Towel Radiator

The MHS Climber Towel Radiator is one step ahead of its competitors, combining tall, elegance&n..

Starting From £327.36

MHS Comb Towel Radiator

The MHS Comb Towel Radiator is a new twist on an old classic ladder style. The beguiling design of t..

Starting From £764.16

MHS Decoral Vertical Radiator

The MHS Decoral Vertical Radiator's tall, slim design ensures that it fits into the narrowest o..

Starting From £230.40

MHS Empire Multi Towel Radiator

The MHS Empire Multi Towel Radiator effortlessly marries a traditional towel rail with a classic whi..

Starting From £486.72

MHS Fingers Towel Radiator

The MHS Fingers Towel Radiator proves that elegance and sophistication can be matched by functi..

Starting From £764.16

MHS Java Towel Radiator

The MHS Java Towel Radiator combines square vertical headers with rounded horizontal tubes in an ele..

Starting From £221.76

MHS Multisec Bench

In conservatories, hall ways and kitchens, the MHS Multisec Bench combines seating and warmth. ..

Starting From £751.69

MHS Square Towel Radiator

The polished stainless steel tubes of the MHS Square Towel Radiator are positioned in a striking a..

Starting From £577.92

Vasco Alu Zen Radiator

The tall and elegantly simple aluminium Vasco Alu Zen Radiator combines good looks with powerful lev..

Starting From £907.20

Zehnder Ax Made To Measure Radiator Made 2 Measure

Zehnder Ax Made To Measure Radiator

The Zehnder Ax Made To Measure Radiator's contemporary, clean lines make this custom made radia..