Cloakroom Radiators

Our range of designer Cloakroom Radiators at Love Radiators includes compact versions of our popular towel radiators. If space is at a premium, these neat models are the perfect heating solution to fit smaller spaces without loosing out on impressive heat outputs.

For further details or advice on any of our designer radiators, contact The Love Radiators Team. We'd LOVE to help.

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Bisque Blok Cloakroom Radiator

The chic and compact Bisque Blok Cloakroom Radiator complements the clean lines of modern cloak..

Starting From £380.18

Bisque Lissett Cloakroom Radiator

The Bisque Lissett Cloakroom Radiator is the stunning cousin of the popular Svelte model. It is..

Starting From £410.84

JIS Buxted Towel Radiator

The compact form of the JIS Buxted Towel Radiator make it perfect for smaller bathrooms and cloakroo..

Starting From £152.96

JIS Cinder Towel Radiator

The JIS Cinder Towel Radiator's simple congruent lines are perfect in smaller bathrooms or cloakroom..

Starting From £131.36

Zehnder Ax-Spa Cloakroom Radiator

The sleek and compact Zehnder Ax-Spa Cloakroom radiator is perfectly proportioned for small clo..

Starting From £152.42

Zehnder Charleston Bar Cloakroom Radiator

The elegant tubes of the Zehnder Charleston Bar Cloakroom multi-column radiator combine warmth ..

Starting From £219.00

Zehnder Klaro Cloakroom Radiator

The simple and practical Zehnder Klaro Cloakroom Radiator provides an affordable and styli..

Starting From £104.24

Zehnder Metropolitan Spa Cloakroom Radiator

This new model brings an elegant spa style to more compact bathrooms and en-suites. The purity of th..

Starting From £300.47

Zehnder Quaro Spa Cloakroom Radiator

This beautiful new model brings elegance and simplicity to modern bathrooms, wet rooms and kitchens...

Starting From £159.43

Zehnder Stellar Cloakroom Radiator

The simple and practical Zehnder Stellar Cloakroom Radiator is a new favourite for cloakrooms. Its n..

Starting From £205.86

Zehnder Stellar Spa Cloakroom Radiator

The simple and practical Zehnder Stellar Spa Cloakroom Radiator is a new favourite for cloakrooms. I..

Starting From £190.09

Zehnder Subway Cloakroom Radiator

 The simple geometric elegance of the Zehnder Subway Cloakroom Radiator makes it an e..

Starting From £155.93