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Aluminium Towel Radiators

Aluminium Towel Radiators

At Love Radiators we are pleased to include a collection of models which allows our customers to make choices based on ethical and environmental factors amongst other considerations.

Our range of Aluminium Towel Radiators are manufactured from recycled material making them an incredibly environmentally friendly heating option. This credential is further amplified by the fact that aluminium is an effective conductor of heat which means that less energy is required to heat bathrooms and towels to inviting temperatures.

Whilst the origins of these recycled radiators may have been in scrap metal, their roots are long gone. Our aluminium radiators have been transformed into graceful column radiators and contemporary cloakroom designs.

Please note, when installing aluminium radiators a mixed system inhibitor is advised. For information or advice about any technical aspects of this, please give us a call or speak to your plumber.

For further details on any of our aluminium designer towel radiators, contact The Love Radiators Team. We'd LOVE to help.

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